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About Us

Profile Summary

Who are we:
Multech is a Turkish company interested in providing specialized consultations in the field of production lines and industrial machinery. The whole work is supervised by qualified engineers with competence and knowledge of the latest technologies of manufacturing and production and in cooperation with the largest Turkish and international parties.

Mission Statement:

Multech is looking to be a successful organization in the field of consulting, industrial & technical services, and seeks by all means to satisfy its customers by providing outstanding services.

Our Values:
✓ Transparency
✓ Credibility
✓ Perseverance
✓ Secretariat

OUR Goals
• Gain customer trust and satisfaction by offering a meaningful integrated business.
• Excellence in performance through innovative solutions in quantity and quality.
• Establishing the principle of customer partnership and long-term relations.

We Offer
Providing engineering services and consultancy for all production lines.
✓ Performing feasibility studies along with market, technical, engineering. We also study the project environment to identify any obstacles and propose the necessary solutions.
✓ Supervising the project implementation and employees training.
✓ Develop raw material sources of raw materials and ingredients.
✓ Provide wide range of production lines and industrial machineries.
✓ Establishing quality systems and training the employees.
✓ Provide the necessary support for product development based on the market needs.

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